About Spearhead Media

“A well-aimed spear is worth three” — Tad Williams.

Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd. (SMPL), the flagship of the Spearhead Group started its ambitious journey into the Media world in 2013 from Mangalore – Karnataka, India, with the launch of two online news portals www.newskannada.com and www.newskarnataka.com. Today these news portals enjoy the love and respect of Kannadigas the world over for living up to their belief that ‘Truth Endures.

The company has never rested on its laurels or become complacent because of its passion for its vision of empowerment. Towards the end of 2015, as the world drifted towards digitalization, the Spearhead Group went against the grain. It launched Karnataka’s only English monthly print magazine, Karnataka Today, stretching the umbilical cord in the interests of Kannadigas around the world.

Today, all three media products of the Spearhead Group have hit their benchmark milestones and are going from strength to strength. While the news portals host exclusive reports from most prominent cities of Karnataka, including the North, like no other Karnataka-focused web site does, Karnataka Today provides a refreshing alternative to those who have yet to embrace the digital world, though it too is available on the web at www.karnatakatoday.com

Over the years, Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd. has grown in size and reach, and today, Spearhead Media’s products have already become the preferred destination for consumers, disseminators’ of information, and brand builders across the world.


Use Information, Ingenuity and Integration to ensure that “Everywhere you go, the more you’ll see, and the more you’ll know”.
Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of empowering people. People are empowered when they have a voice and it’s heard. We provide that voice and ensure it is heard. This is why Spearhead media Pvt. Ltd. stands out from the herd in the media industry. It is not a media company for a few, by a few. It’s a crowd funded media company fulfilling a noble mission. From our shareholders to our employees, our mission is one – to provide the power of the media to those who need it most – the people.

Founders Vision

“Educate, Enlighten, Empower and Enable positive changes, unlike many media organizations, which are profit and digits-driven, our portal News Karnataka was born out of passion and not out of commercial interest. This could undoubtedly be first of its kind undertaking, which has done away with the ‘single ownership’ concept and has successfully worked out an amicable model of working without any individual’s’ interest.

We have sustained and we are happy with the success of this model, which says that News Karnataka belongs to all-readers, writers, contributors, employees and each and every person who connects to it. It is the reason behind our ‘fearless journalism’ where our journalists strongly say what they want to say, without being silenced by the management or anyone else and contributing in a small yet powerful way towards promoting positive and ethical journalism”